Filanthropy* – Application for the summer round!

Are you an early stage charity or social enterprise? We want to help you crowdfund!

We know that starting something up requires a huge amount of time, courage and commitment and one thing that is very important at the start is seed money and support!

We’ve run two Filanthropy events raising more than HKD 75,000 for 6 different organizations in Hong Kong. We’re looking to run another two events in 2016: one in Summer and one at the end of the year.

What is Filanthropy?

Filanthrophy* events are crowdfundraising events where supporters come and through a night of inspiration and entertainment, raise money for the charities featured.

The concept is simple –

Show up on the night.  

Pitch your project. 

People crowdfund (LIVE!!)

for the project(s) they are passionate about with money out of their pocket!  

We’ll also have some surprises in store on the night to get people inspired to give more to their chosen charity!

We are doing this because we are a group of individuals in Hong Kong that want to help early stage charities and social enterprises grow. We know that starting something up requires a huge amount of time, courage and commitment and very often, money for early stage projects is hard to come by. 

That’s why we are here to help!

We’re looking for three organizations to support for a Filanthropy event this summer. Send us your application if you are currently running a project that aims to tackle or address a social issue in Hong Kong.

The application form is attached here! Click to download.

It’s quick, simple and short – designed to be accessible to most organisations.

Before you start, it’s important to see if your work fits into our criteria:

  • To be an organisation with less than $200,000 HKD turnover.
  • Have already something operating – so not idea stage.
  • Unlike other funds – we don’t require your work to be in Hong Kong.  It can be international, but you will need a Hong Kong bank account for the money to go into.
  • Your project cannot promote a specific religion, ideology or political group, and we regret to inform you we do not fund campaigns or the costs of scholarships, or the costs of individuals.  It must be an organisation.

That’s it!

Just follow the instructions and email the application to us at when completed.

Deadline: 13 May 2015 – Midnight.  

Applications accepted after this time will not be considered.  We will let you know if you have been chosen and reserve the right not to give feedback to applications that were not successful.  Sorry, we’re a small volunteer team, thus we can only do so much!