HK+Acumen Networking Night – March

Acumen Networking Event 2017 Acumen Networking Event 2017


Our first event this year after the volunteer onboarding! The team is very happy to see some new faces at the event and we hope to do more of these in future.

This time, we are excited to have our volunteer, Ling Wong, to share with us what she is doing on beyond her full time job. I believe we always have the moment where we are thinking what we, as young professionals, can do to contribute back to society and make a difference. However, due to time/ money constraint, it seems that it’s always not the ideal timing to kick start on something. Is it really “impossible” to do something right now? Let’s hear what Ling said:


100°C is an initiative to raise public awareness and promote lasting change about crucial global issues through art, design and architecture. The name 100°C represents social and environmental issues coming to a boiling point – so it’s time for us to act.

We believe that artists and other creative professionals share a responsibility to raise awareness and inspire action. 100°C is an annual series that brings global artists together through a variety of public events e.g. Art exhibition on global issues, public workshop, and the like. Waste water is their first theme to focus on. Donations will be directed to building water purification system in Chinese Schools.


More info

Facebook page: 100Degree


They need volunteers! Sign up if you are interested.


Some may think it’s not that difficult to execute a charity project but…

#Myth 1: she started with funding and government support.

Actually none. She didn’t have much monetary backup at first. Everything comes out of her own pocket – e.g. Hiring her own project co-ordinator, marketing costs etc. She only received in kind sponsorship e.g. Bottles, venues, catering etc. The selection process and government structure also are an obstacle for her to apply for government funding.

#Myth2: it’s easy to find artists that are willing to collaborate for her project.

Before she can build up her number of audience, it’s difficult to find any artists who would be up to creating arts for her for free. She managed to find a famous Italian brand to provide the bottles she needs for the project and from that point, she was able to find 25 participating artists, K11 to provide the venue, and media coverage to follow.

To go through all these, it definitely requires the audacity and perseverance to tackle difficulties on the way, especially in Hong Kong. We, from the event, were inspired and we hope to continue highlighting the positive design mindset to our HK+acumen followers.


On this point, do you know water is also an Acumen investment sector? Needless to say, India has its own sanitation problem. In Africa, many are still facing the challenge of poorly lit, overcrowded toilets. Let’s look at one of Acumen’s invested to know more what Acumen does:

“Ecotact is a Nairobi-based company established in 2008 to improve the urban landscape for low-income communities through environmentally responsible projects in sanitation and housing. Under the Ikotoilet project, Ecotact builds and operates high-quality, public pay-per-use toilet and shower facilities. Customers pay five shillings ($0.06 USD) to use a facility.

Through a Build-Operate-Transfer model of public-private partnership, Ecotact enters into long-term contracts with municipalities to use public land. In return the company bears all construction costs and operates the facilities for five years. But it relinquishes ultimate ownership of the facilities to the municipalities, which can decide whether to extend their contracts with Ecotact.

The company hires staff to operate and clean the units after each use, and offers other revenue-generating services and products such as advertising, shoe shining and soft drinks and newspapers.”

If you have any suggestions on who you want to hear from for sharing, let us know and we will try our best to make it happen if it’s relevant!