About Our Chapter

About Our Chapter

HK+Acumen is a volunteer-led chapter supporting Acumen’s mission to create a world beyond poverty by investing patient capital in social enterprises, emerging leaders, and breakthrough ideas. As one of the many global +Acumen chapters, we support this mission by building a community of socially-oriented individuals who are continually exposing themselves to new values, social issues, and innovative ideas beyond their own existing city, culture and life.

Our purpose is to change the way people perceive themselves, others and the world they live in. We hope to inspire reflection, humility, open-mindedness and audacity in ourselves to be balanced individuals and better social change leaders in our community.

We are a newly established chapter in Hong Kong, but are looking forward to contributing to a growing social enterprise industry in the community.

Photo by Herry Lawford

Meet the team

Natalie Wong


Following a friend’s invitation, Natalie participated in TO+Acumen’s +Acumen Venture Network, where she evaluated social enterprises in Toronto and it sparked her interest in the field of impact investing. Coupled with her training in economics and work in finance, Natalie is a firm believer in market solutions in tackling poverty. In starting HK+Acumen Natalie hopes to generate awareness and interest on Acumen’s model of investing, and together gain a deeper understanding of the poverty issues Hong Kong faces.

Having lived in Canada for an extended period of time, Natalie never feels cold in Hong Kong. She is constantly on the look out for authentic poutine in here, but no luck yet.

Lincoln Cheung


After graduating from the University of British Columbia, Lincoln moved back to Hong Kong where he stumbled into joining the start-up team at the social enterprise Dialogue in the Dark Hong Kong.  Ever since, he has been passionate about social enterprise and making an impact in the community, in Hong Kong and globally.  During the four years at Dialogue in the Dark, he has been responsible for a wide range of responsibilities including business development, program development, and project management.

Lincoln hopes to be able to spread knowledge and awareness in Hong Kong about the problems and solutions to the social issues in the world today.

Andrew Tang

Community Engagement & Communications

It all started when Andrew joined his first social enterprise challenge back in university. Since then, he has been increasingly aware of the challenges that local social enterprises encounter and the lack of funding that supports their growth. Through one of the project he worked on, it was also apparent that some of the traditional charities might not be putting their donations into efficient use. This corroborated to combining market based approach with philanthropy that Acumen is based on.

Ultimately, Andrew hopes to leverage his business and law degree and his working experience in an investment bank to contribute locally under the umbrella of Acumen, extending the notion that everyone should have the chance to live with dignity.

Beyond his work, Andrew enjoys playing tennis, painting, making leather products and most importantly embarking on his culinary journey.

Mimi Le


After volunteering with a number of social enterprises in the US and Hong Kong, Mimi was excited to help start the HK+Acumen chapter as she believes in Acumen’s model of investing in entrepreneurs and early stage companies; enabling them to provide sustainable solutions to tackle poverty in a new way.  Mimi hopes to leverage her legal, finance and impact investing experience to highlight to institutional investors opportunities that can maximize both financial and social returns.